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Hello there!

My name is PJay. I am a freshmen here at UMD. Currently, I am majoring in Biology with a possible minor in Deaf Studies. I just got hired at the UMD Career & Internship Services this fall, and I’m so excited to be working here with a wonderful team of amazing staff members and fellow peers! My favorite place in Duluth would have to be Chester Park. I love the feeling of being outdoors and exploring nature. When I have the time, I enjoy traveling very much! I love seeing new places and meeting new people.

The best career advice that I’ve received from someone that I hold dearly to my heart is, “You can’t always go all the way through at first, but you have to try before you can quit.” This quote definitely helped me to get pass my first couple weeks of college because I did horribly on my first Chemistry exam. I felt miserable and just wanted to switch my major since I needed that class for my major and career. I tried convincing myself that there were other career options for me, but I was still very unhappy. After I spoke to someone and when they gave me that advice, I realized that there were three more exams before the semester was going to end. I still had time to try harder, study, and focus more on the work for the class and eventually I ended up doing so much better on my second exam.

My best piece of career advice to give to someone is, there will always be people who will doubt that you can’t pursue a career. But, sometimes, people just put others down because they fear your success and potential. So don’t let anyone tell you that it’s impossible, because it’s up to you to work for it and to believe in yourself that you can do it!

One thought on “Meet PJay

  1. I really like how you discussed about time. I agree with you about how their isn’t enough time. Really enjoyed your blog! Keep up the good work!

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