The Big “I” Word

By: Willow

If there is one thing that all employers love it’s initiative. Initiative is ability to assess a situation and decide what needs to be done independently from the direction of others. That does not mean that you do things despite what other people say, it means that you do productive things without explicitly being told to do so.

Why is this so important you may ask? The more you do without being asked to the better it makes you look, and the easier it makes everyone else’s lives. A lot of things you do will go unnoticed, if you see the toilet paper is low in the office bathroom and you refill it, chances are no one will come up and thank you, but people will be a lot happier.


There are far bigger things you can do without being asked too. Once you know more about the company and you figure out routines, then you should have a good idea what needs to be done. If you work at a food establishment you know that the tables need to be wiped down after someone uses them. You don’t have to be told to do that. In any job setting there are tons of things that happen regularly that employees just don’t do until they’re asked. Be better, don’t be lazy. So what do you do if you’re not sure that’s what your boss wants? Simple, just ask, “Hey Janet, do you want me to type up that report?” if they say yes, go do it, if they say no, lucky you.

This blog post is a short one because I think this topic is simple. Do your job, do it well, and do it without being asked. That’s how you become a great employee.

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Photo Source: Unsplash|Negative Space

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