Stress Less During Finals

By: PJay

At this point in the semester, most people have probably started their mental breakdowns and sleepless nights already due to finals. Finals are definitely the Devil’s best friend. But while everyone is busy trying to find ways to defeat these crazy exams, I just wanted to drop by and say, you are not the only one stressing over these assessments. As important as these tests are to each and everyone of us, it’s truly important for us to remember what our limits are as humans.

Thinking that the best way to prepare for finals is to drown yourself in course material for days or weeks is really not. Studies have shown that a person can only take up to 40 to 90 minutes of concentrated studying with up to 10 minute breaks (source). Remember that you can not expect to relearn a whole semester worth of materials in the limited couple of weeks before these exams. So don’t beat yourself over if you’re struggling with trying to understand anything. You should try to squeeze in some time for peace.

Luckily, the UMD’s “Stress-less Week in the Library” maybe a possibility for those of you who really need a break before the most hectic week of the semester. This event consists of a week long of activities from December 7th through the 11th with many different types of fun and exciting bundles of joy! From getting free coffee with our one and only Champ, free chair massages to releasing your stress with petting adorable pets and so much more! To find out more information, check out the link:

I’m definitely excited to be attending my first “Stress-Less” week and am truly grateful for the opportunity. I highly encourage you all to attend at least one of these events. Nothing sounds better than receiving free food, drinks, or activities. Remember that we should not be overloading ourselves with intense studying. Work hard, but don’t forget to love and take care of yourself. Good luck everyone.

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