Ready! (Or Not?) Internships Here I Come!

By: Cassie

Did you read my last post? If you did great! If you didn’t, don’t worry. I get it, you’re busy and I’ll try to not be too hurt. If you still don’t want to go read it, I’ll give you a brief synopsis of what it said. I talked about the incredible pressure we as college students feel to get internships. I also talked about the steps you can take to get yourself on the right track towards what the best internship strategy is for you. Well today, I am back to tell you I started on my track and it was the most beneficial thing I could have done for myself, and I now I’ll tell you why.

Internship Ready or Not

I had no idea what I wanted to do. I also knew that I was running out of time to get an internship as summer is fast approaching and I knew everyone else has probably been out there looking for internships for at least a month or more by this point. I had my mom emailing me like 10 internship listings a day in fields I wasn’t even interested in. Some people may like finance (and kudos to them) but honestly the thought of doing a financial internship all summer made me cringe. Having a major in Health Care Management, my field is so broad that I didn’t even know what area I wanted to go into for my internship. I could do HR, PR, finance, accounting, medical records, shadowing, and honestly, so much more. Finally, I just took the time and made an appointment with a counselor in C&IS and it was the most helpful thing I could have done.

Now, I know you probably might be thinking “well she works for C&IS so she probably is just trying to promote them” and I want you to know that is not the case. Yes, I LOVE my office and I love the things they can do to help students, but this is not just a ploy to get you to stop by and visit. I sat down with a counselor and talked about all the things that I was worried about in an internship. Then she did something super important and asked me what my biggest concern was. After a minute I realized that it was that I was stressing myself out about things that I didn’t quite need to worry about yet. I am only a sophomore and I haven’t started my upper division classes yet, which most employers will look at when you apply for an internship. I also can build my work experience this summer by volunteering or finding a less stressful hospital position like working in a gift shop or shadowing for a day. You can never have too many things to put on a resume, and no one has ever thought that gaining experience in your field of interest is a bad thing. By not getting an internship this summer I have time to think about what I really want to gain from an internship for next year. All in all I learned there are so many other things I can do before I take the huge leap into the internship world.

I know this post is a lot about me, but overall I hope you took something from my experience. It is not always the time for an internship. It is OKAY to not be ready and it is OKAY to wait until you are. That doesn’t mean that you should give up on internships entirely. Look for other ways to gain experience or take the time to learn what YOU really want. So don’t listen to your parents, or your friends who have internships. You need to listen to yourself and know what is best for you right here and right now. If you don’t know what is best for you, that’s okay too! I didn’t know until I sat down and talked about it, so maybe that’s what you need to do too! There are so many people who are willing to help you and you just need to take that first step!

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