Minnesota Education Job Fair Has Gone Mobile

By: Logan

Are you an Education Major interested in attending the Minnesota Education Job Fair? Are you looking for a service that has everything you need to be successful at the fair? Look no further, we have just the thing for you. We are proud to announce the arrival of the brand new Minnesota Education Job Fair mobile app! This app has useful information about the job fair including how to register, how to prepare, the employers, schedule, and other services. This blog post will be breaking down the app and talking about all of the different information the application holds. This app will be useful for anyone thinking about attending the fair in April.

The University of Minnesota has an app for attending job fairs as well. That app is simply the University of Minnesota Guidebook. If you are interested in learning more about this app you can read our other blog posts about the Guidebook app here and here. They have similar formats, but each has distinct differences as well. Both of these apps are available for Apple and Android phones, and are free to download. These apps contain helpful information about not only the general information on the fair, but ways you can be more prepared and succeed at the fair.


When you first access the Minnesota Education Job Fair app you will come to the home page that has many options to explore. Here you have access to all of the app’s options. There is a section for general info, which simply states the location of the job fair, the dates and times, and directions to get there. This page breaks down all of the general information on the job fair in one place in an easy to read format. The next button on the home page that you can press is the “How To Register” option. This section obviously talks about how you can personally register for the fair, and breaks it down simply. This section is useful for anyone who is unsure of how to register for the fair, or for anyone who has questions regarding registering.

The next section is one of my favorites. It is the “Prepare for the Job Fair” category. This section is my favorite because it doesn’t just list off general information about the fair, it talks about how you can personally do well at the fair and make the most out of your experience.


It has multiple notes which include General Fair Info, Research Before the Fair, Prepare for the Fair, What to do At the Fair, How to Connect with District Representatives, Interviewing at the Fair, After the Fair, and it even includes Job Fair Resource Videos. This section of the app tells you how to get ready and get your research for the fair done beforehand. It then gives you tips on what to do before, during, and after the fair. It gives a lot of very helpful tips on how to present yourself professionally and successfully. This portion of the app can be helpful because students can read some of these tips and refresh themselves on proper job fair etiquette before or during the fair.

The next section is one of the most useful sections of the whole app. It is the Districts and Organizations list.


This section lists off every single District and Organization that will be attending the fair. You can click on any organization’s name and it will bring you to a page that has some general info about them. It lists their address, website, contact, phone number, and email. It also specifies which type of positions they are looking for, and if the District will be performing interviews that day. This is very important because at this fair there is a large number of employers who will be interviewing on site.


Another great feature of the app is that you can search for any District or Organization and add them to your To-Do list. You can access these in the “Districts/Organizations I Like” section on the home page. This could be helpful for all students because it can help them remember who they all wanted to talk to at the fair. Once you talk to an employer you can check them off your list. This is another great section of the app because it can help the student prepare for who they want to talk to and connect with.

The next section of the app is the Job Fair Map. This section can be very useful for students. Here you can see where employers are positioned in the venue, so you can strategically plan your day out and have an idea of who you want to talk to and where they are positioned. This way students are not aimlessly wandering around looking for a certain employer.

The next section is the Job Fair Schedule. This section breaks down the times and dates for when everything will be taking place. It says when the doors open to students, when interviews are conducted, and when the halls are closed. After this, there is the “Find Your Career Office” section. This section is very helpful because it can help any student find out how to access their own Career Office at their school. It lists off all of the Schools that will be able to attend the fair, and you have the option of clicking on any of the schools. Once you click on a school name it gives you basic information on your career office such as the address, phone number, email address, and primary contact.


The next section on the list is the Job Fair Homepage. This section brings you to the Minnesota Education Job Fair website where you can find additional info on the fair and you can access things such as Frequently Asked Questions and other information about the fair. The app also has sections on transportation options and nearby restaurants to make your experience enjoyable and easy to navigate. The app also has a section for notes, which can be very useful for students. An example would be if a student had a particular organization in mind and he or she planned on meeting with that employer. The student could use the notes section to prepare a few questions for the employer to make them look prepared and professional. You wouldn’t want to pull out your phone to access the questions during the interview or anything like that, but before you talk to the employer it can be helpful to read over your questions to ensure that you remember them.

Overall, this app has many features that are very helpful to any student planning on attending the education job fair. It can help you prepare, it can help you present yourself as well as possible at the fair, and it can help you do the right things when following up with a company. This app is essential for anyone attending the job fair because it has everything you would ever need to know about the organizations and the fair in general. I highly recommend this app and the University of Minnesota app for anyone interested in attending a job fair soon.

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