Make It Work

By: Willow

Willow post photo

As a human, we all have to do things we don’t want to do, things that we aren’t good at, and things that we just darn tootin’ hate. Unfortunately, those things you hate are almost always unavoidable. This blog post is about how to make those horrible things a little less horrible and more doable.

My idea for this blog post started when my roommate and I took at look at our apartment and realized it was pretty gross. Neither of us are neat freaks, we’re both busy, and not home that much. With the two of us not making cleaning a priority, our apartment had quickly become a box of shame. Realizing this was a problem, we decided to make a plan to make something we both hated, cleaning, work for us. We decided to make a chart where we would earn stickers for cleaning, for instance doing the dishes equals one sticker. Once we get so many stickers, we’ll have a roomie pizza party. Now I know a lot of people would look at this system and think we are ridiculous for having to have a sticker chart for two grown women to clean. This may be true, but this is what works for us. And that’s ok.

I think a common mistake people (including myself) make is thinking there is only one right way to do something. That is false! There are a million right ways to do something. If you need to lock yourself if your room and not talk to anyone until you finish your midterm paper, that’s ok. If you need to go into every office hour in order to pass a class, that’s ok.

College is hard, and it is impossible to everything on your own. Get help from people around you, make goals, find ways to reach those goals and do your best. There is no shame in sticker charts.

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