5 Tips for Answering Tough Interview Questions

By: Lexi

Do you have an interview coming up? Do you not have a lot of interview experience? Interviews are tough and nerve-racking to go into. Calm your nerves down by reading these simple tips to help you get through the interview. Especially the tough questions that you just cannot think of an answer to. These tips will help you figure out your answer while easing your mind and still making you look professional. If you follow these tips, there is no way that you will not ace your interview and get that job. Good luck!

Tough Interview Qs

Breathe & Calm Down
This is the most important thing. Take a deep breath and do not sweat it. If you are calm, the answer will come out easier. If you are freaking out, you will not be able to think clearly. It will make you and the interviewer more comfortable.

Don’t show the confusion in your face
Try your best to not let your confusion and/or fear come across in your facial expressions. This will make yourself less stressed and the whole thing less awkward. It will also make you seem not as confident to your interviewer. Try to keep a calm face on with a smile!

Ask them to repeat the question
Asking your interviewer to repeat the question will buy you time to come up with an answer. It might also help you think of what to say if you hear the question one more time. Try not to do this multiple times though, that will make you seem as if you are not listening to what they have to say.

Tell your interviewer what you do know
Sometimes you will simply just not know the answer to the question or maybe you have some knowledge of the question. Whatever it is, try explaining the steps and processes you would take to figure out the answer. Speaking it out loud might help you come up with a better answer and it will show the interviewer your thought process. Interviewers ask you tough questions on purpose to see how you react and if you can work through it. Show them what you got!

Prepare and practice before the interview
Make sure that you prepare answers to possible interview questions before hand. Whether it is to the mirror or with a friend, this will calm you down during the interview and allow you to answer questions quicker, which will also eliminate unnecessary “umms..” Here are some example questions to practice before the big, stressful day, practice these and it will be sure to ease your mind.

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do you deal with conflict?
  • What are your steps to problem-solving?
  • Give me an example of a time when you succeeded.
  • What would our company gain from hiring you?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What would your coworkers say about you?
  • Are you a team player? Give us an example.
  • How do you work under pressure or time restraints?

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Photo source: Unsplash | Markus Spiske

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