Peering Into the Crystal Ball, Part 2

By: David

Hey folks! We’re back at it again from my previous post in “Peering into the Crystal Ball.” As I mentioned in the last post, these experiences are experiences I wanted to reflect on throughout my undergraduate experience and with that I will also follow up with what I plan to do moving forward.

On vs. Off Campus Housing
For college students, housing is always one important aspect to the college experience. From the dorms to the on-campus apartments to off-campus housing and simply living off campus. A person’s experience may vary depending on their housing options. Coming in as a first year student, I chose to room with my high school friends and we all ended up living in Oakland Apartments. Following my first year, I decided to live off-campus and have been in the same apartment ever since (until I graduate). Now if I had the chance to redo my housing options, I would have enjoyed trying the other housing options for the college experience. For instance, I’ll never get the experience to live in a college dorm in my entire life again (but then again I don’t know if I would necessarily want to) nor will I get the experience in living in a house with roommates.

Moving forward, hope is not entirely lost as I still have my graduate experience to look forward to, though the two experiences are vastly different. With my current housing experience consisting of mainly commuting from an off-campus apartment, I look forward to on-campus housing options when looking into graduate school. It’s an experience I would like to have again as campuses are never the same and graduate housing is typically different than undergraduate housing.

Studying Abroad
It’s safe to say that traveling is an experience that every student wishes to have eventually in their life time, and the opportunity to travel as a student makes it even more special. Unfortunately for me, I haven’t had the experience nor will I get the chance to study abroad through my undergraduate career which is one of my biggest regrets as a graduating senior. If given the chance, I would have enjoyed studying abroad anywhere for an entire academic year. If anything, to simply be away from home and get a taste of other parts of the world.

International traveling is an opportunity that can be done any time, and I look forward in taking advantage of future opportunities. For instance, one position that I have seriously been considering is teaching English as a foreign language abroad. 

In ending, as I reflect on my experiences throughout my time here as a student, I can truly say that I am quite content despite wishing to have the chance to redo or achieve certain opportunities in college such as studying abroad, specific housing options, academics, or selecting a different major. For every graduating student who is about to leave the undergraduate life, it’s a bit scary and sad to be leaving behind a time that has consisted of so much. It’s easy to reflect and regret on certain experiences that we did or didn’t do, and the important thing to recognize is that it happened. College is such a unique experience filled with numerous opportunities and a time for us to learn about ourselves, others, and the world and whether or not we were able to take up on those opportunities, we all turned out to be different individuals than we were when entering college. All in all, despite having certain holes in my undergraduate experience I’m truly happy with the things that did happen from leadership positions, coursework, social interaction, etc. My undergraduate career will be a time that I will never forget as I look forward into the future scope of things.

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