Internship Relocation Challenges: Part 1 Physically Relocating

By: Kirsi

So you want an internship. What does an internship look like to you?

Decent paychecks over the summer, gaining more experience in your major, or adding a new line to your resume?

Imagine your internship more tangibly.

In what city is this internship? What does your day to day work involve? Who will you be working with? What is the company culture? What does your day look like after the close of business?

In my upcoming blog posts, I am going to talk about solutions to the challenge of relocating for an internship. I will explore three kinds of relocating: physically, mentally, and socially.

Paper map, computer, camera - Internship Relocation Challenges Physically Relocating

Part 1: Physically Relocating
A major barrier students face is realizing you can intern with anyone you want anywhere in the world you want. (If you negotiated with Elon Musk to have a suborbital internship I guess you could do that, too.) You are not limited by interning in the city you attend college in or town your family lives in.

caucasian male holding video camera on shoulder

Enjoy using Instagram and love what they are all about? Apply for their 12-week Business, Marketing, or Tech Student internship program for the summer in Menlo Park, California.

Think nutella is super tasty and think food science is interesting? Apply for a summer Supply Chain internship with Ferrero in their US office or abroad.

In awe of watching how Sunday Night football‘s camera crew captures the tide turning touchdown from every angle? Apply for an eight-nine week NFL Films or Media internship.

The point is, whatever you are passionate about, there is an internship out there for you. Transform your passion into a profession.

You are an adult, now go out and do what you want!

disney castle

Where You Sleep
So you have locked down your dream internship. If your opportunity is in your home or college town, then housing may already be sorted out. However, if your internship is in lands unfamiliar, then you may have some legwork ahead of you.

Many employers offer travel and housing stipends. You may negotiate this amount while deciding who you are going to intern with. If there is simply no housing pay to offer, such as if the position was a US Government Civil Servant Pathways Internship, the employer will likely have suggestions on where to live. Due to liability rules, the employer may not be legally allowed to “recommend” housing, but they may have a suggestion list. Connecting with past interns on LinkedIn may lead to advice on safe and affordable places to live. For an internship with Rockwell Automation, they offered me a housing stipend and had a relationship with an apartment complex to offer shorter rent agreements for summer interns.

Some employers view housing as part of the experience and a way to connect with fellow interns. There may be a specific housing complex employers provide where all the interns stay. Disney Internship & Programs place their Walt Disney World Florida students in various housing communities. Disney interns have blogged about their housing experiences and have even shared Instagram-worthy spots around Disney Housing.

hand holding a smart phone

Navigating A New Place
Once you have a place to crash and your job site arranged, a logical task is to plan your morning commute. How early do I have to wake up? Do I take the highways, city roads, or toll roads? Is there public transportation or can I carpool? When I planned my commute for an internship in Houston I hopped on Google Maps, jumped into Street View and “drove to work” by clicking my way down streets.

Other landmarks to look for when familiarizing yourself with your new neighborhood include:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Hospital/ Urgent Care
  • Gas Stations
  • Police Station
  • Favorite Fast Food Spots

By being a U of MN system student you have access to a resource called GoinGlobal. You can look up details and characteristics about your new city in the states or abroad. Log onto GoldPASS powered by Handshake >> click on Career Center >> click on Resources >> select GoinGlobal

Good luck with your relocation! Embrace the change and enjoy the new adventure!

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Photo Sources: Unsplash Raw Pixel | Jakob Owens | Gui Avelar | Praveesh Palakeel

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