Completing my Career Planning Process, For Now!

By: Paying

If you all have been up to date with my blog posts, you would already know how I’ve applied the “Five-Step” Career Planning Process circle to my situation. If not, here’s a short summary!

  • Assess Yourself: Taking assessments to see where my strengths, interests, and personality fit best while also reflecting with Pro Staff in the Career office.
  • Explore Options: Mid-college crisis of double majoring and/or minoring while also seeking publishing opportunities and creating my network.
  • Develop Skills: Gaining and improving my professional and editing skills through my position as a Hmong Outreach Intern.
  • Market Yourself: I formatted and wrote both my resume and cover letter to not only benefit me, but also the company I’m interested in.
Career plan graphic - assess yourself, explore options, develop skills, market yourself, manage career

Now that I’ve made my way through four steps, that just leaves one more: managing my career. The last update I had was my experience with internships and how it benefited me in ways I didn’t think of; it helped me realize what my true passion is and what I do and do not prefer in a work environment. 

My past internship did not directly relate to my career plans however, it was still a field I was previously interested in. Going into my fourth and final year of college, I realized that before I could move forward, I had to step back a bit and focus more on developing the skills I need after college which is anything and everything related to the publishing field.

I had mentioned that I applied to become an editor for The Bark, UMD’s student run news organization, but didn’t receive the position. However, when fall semester started, I was recruited by the current student staff to not only be an editor but also to become a writer along with recruiting creative writing. In just a few months, I got my first experience as an editor and ended up writing five articles for the organization! Although that’s not much, it’s still a step forward in the right direction of managing my career.

Another way I have been managing my career was by frequently checking my GoldPASS powered by Handshake account and staying active. It paid off, because in November I received an email about a paid internship opportunity right for after graduation as an Editorial Assistant in downtown Minneapolis! Although it was half a year away, I wanted to get ahead of other applicants by applying right away. Luckily with the internship I had last summer, along with The Bark, I switched around experiences on my resume and cover letter to better reflect my qualifications for this new internship position.

Image: marker caps arranged in rainbow order
Text: I realized that marketing myself through my resume and cover letter wouldn’t get me this position but rather who I was as a person and my passion in the field.

Two weeks later, I was offered a phone interview and within another two weeks, I was offered an in-person interview. Here, I realized that marketing myself through my resume and cover letter wouldn’t get me this position but rather who I was as a person and my passion in the field. I went into the interview relaxed and friendly, sharing experiences I had already listed while also sharing experiences I had as a child which was able to answer the question. Two days after my 2nd interview, I had received an offer as the Editorial Assistant!

After so many years of confusion, doubt, and not knowing what my fate was, I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. From finding my strengths, to almost switching my whole academic plan, to dipping my toes in a different field, to finally managing my career as an editor. 

Stepping back and reflecting has been a huge part in my journey and I’m grateful that those who are reading have come along for the ride! This is the end of my Career Planning Process but I can already sense that it won’t stop there. As long as you put your mind to it and are willing to take time the time to get to where you want, you’ll make it!

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Photo Sources: graphic (UMD C&IS); photo (Unsplash|Greg Rosenke)

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