Tips for Attending Your First Job Fair – After the Fair

By: Kendra

Here’s part 3 of my tips for attending your first job fair (if you haven’t yet, check out Prepare & At the Fair). Just before spring break, I attended the Spring Head of the Lakes Job & Internship Fair, my very first fair I attended where I spoke to employers for my own personal reasons (instead of just working at it).

I want to preface by saying that I did not attend the fair with the goal of scoring a job or internship. Rather, I was looking to learn more about accounting internships and firms in the area. My goal was to learn, which I definitely achieved!

Image: young woman in suit jacket talking to people
Text: Tips for attending your first job fair - after the fair

Here are my tips for what to do after you’ve the job fair.

Connect with employers.
This is something that I did not know before attending the fair. Employers I spoke with asked me to connect with them on LinkedIn, so of course I did. This is another way for employers to contact you later if they wish to. You can also connect with employers you spoke with by emailing them. Almost everyone I spoke with gave me their business card, so I used that to email them. Because I wasn’t seeking a position, I just thanked the recruiters for speaking with me and gave them my contact information for the future. 

Collect your thoughts.
Job fairs can be overwhelming! Talking to recruiters all day and learning so much about several different companies is a lot, so I spent some time reflecting after the fair. I had notes from talking with each employer and I later elaborated on my notes. I wrote what I learned, what I liked/disliked about each company I spoke with, and any specific information they gave me such as how to apply for their internships, etc. I have these papers saved so that I can reference them in the future when I actually need an internship. 

As a student who attended a fair strictly to learn more, I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to start going to job fairs before you are actively seeking a position. By going earlier, you familiarize yourself with the atmosphere and with talking to employers. You also get super valuable information by just putting yourself out there and speaking with people. 

I know that job fair season has come to an end for the year, but I still hope this gives you some advice that you can use to prepare for fairs in the future. A lot of preparation and thought goes into attending a job fair, so hopefully this helps you feel a little bit less overwhelmed when job fair season comes back around. As always, Career & Internship Services is more than happy to answer any further questions that you might have!

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