Kirsi Headshot

Name: Kirsi
Majors: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Minor: Computer Engineering
Year in school: Senior
Length of time worked at UMD Career & Internship Services: Started Spring 2016
Favorite place in Duluth: Any shore on Lake Superior with ample sea glass to find.
Favorite hobbies: Drawing, playing Magic the Gathering and kayaking.
Fun Facts: Current Co-op for NASA Johnson Space Center. Instead of pretending to hold important landmarks in photos I lick them. I have licked the White House, Chicago Bean, last Space Shuttle landing site, and St. Louis Archway.

Best career advice I’ve received: Do not weed yourself out. Although you may be doubtful of your qualification for a job but you are passionate about it, apply for the position anyway. Give the hiring manager the final say. You may be surprised about what the employer sees in you.

Piece of career advice I have for other students: Start thinking about your career as early as possible. You do not need to have your whole life figured out. Simply keep in mind what disciplines you are interested in, what work environment would be the best for you and imagine your ideal life in five years. Once you have a vision set goals to make it happen. Network with professionals who have your dream job, attend job fairs/conferences, and intern.

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