Rachel headshot

Name: Rachel
Grad Program: Masters in Business Administration
Undergrad Majors: Organizational Management & Writing Studies
Year in School: Grad Student
When I started working at UMD Career & Internship Services: Fall 2017 as an Alumni Caller. Moved to the Peer Educator position in Fall 2018.
Favorite place in Duluth: I’m from a very rural small town, so I love finding new places outdoors that not many other people visit. I love being right on the lake, but I also enjoy driving high up in the hills and seeing the whole city from above.
Favorite hobby: Make music. I love to play the piano and sing, and I also play the flute.

Best career advice I’ve received: My mom has shaped my career choices the most. She has advised me to pick something I’m passionate about and have strengths in but to also consider the practical implications of a job. She has always emphasized balance; every job will have positive and negative aspects, and you need to be able to handle both. My mom’s perspective helps me realize that no job is perfect; it’s important to take all aspects into consideration as well as your priorities, and make the best choices you can.

A piece of advice I would offer when it comes to your career (and life as a whole) is a quote from Rumi: “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” You won’t love every aspect of your job, but don’t allow the small hindrances to make you lose sight of your grander purpose.

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