Past Peers

We love that as students, we have the opportunity to contribute to a blog like Peer Into Your Career. However, there comes a day when we all have to move on. Most of those who are shown below have moved on by graduating and are now working “big kid” jobs or are in more schooling. Even though they’re gone, and we miss them, we still want to you find all of their work in one place.

Past author Abby     Past Author Andrew     Past Author Anna

Past Author Annie     Past Author Ashlee FB     Past Author Ashlee H

Past Author Ashley C     Past Author Brian     Past Author Brittany

Past Author Cameron     Author Cassie     Past Author Chris

Past Author Cody     Past Author David     Past Author Emily

Past Author Glen     Past Author Hayley     Past Author Justine

Past Author Katie     Author Kimberly     Past Author Logan

Past Author Meg      Past Author Michael     Past Author Sadie

Past Author Taylor     Tony headshot     Author Tori

Past Author Whitney     Author Willow     Past Author Zach

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