Name: Andrew
Majors: Organizational Management and Finance
Minor: Marketing
Year: Graduated!
Length of time worked at UMD Career & Internship Services: Sept 2011-May 2014
Favorite Place in Duluth: I’m going to cheat here, because Duluth is great, but I am a huge fan of Gooseberry Falls up past Two Harbors! If you haven’t been there it’s a must-see.
Best career advice I’ve received: My parents always told me to just do whatever I enjoyed, they have never wanted me to follow their career choices (not that they are bad), but to just choose my own path.
Career advice I would give: Make the best of college, this is as far as your young career has gone, so put your best foot forward to be involved on campus and around the community.
Next Steps: Andrew is now a Merchandise Planning Business Analyst at a major corporation.

Posts Andrew has written:

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