Brian F15 Web Version

Name:  Brian
Major: Communication
Year: Graduated
Length and Time worked at UMD Career & Internship Services: January 2014-May 2016
Favorite Place in Duluth: I have so many different places I love in Duluth, but my really favorite place in Duluth is the end of the Lakewalk in Canal Park.  I especially love it during the summer because of the nice breeze and looking over into Wisconsin.
Best Career Advice I received: The best career advice I received was from my grandma which was quitting is not an option go for what you’re passionate about it and stick with it.
Best Career Advice: My career advice would be to find a job that you love not just for the money.  You never want to have a job for which you are only in it for the money because you will not be passionate about would you do. Pick a job/career that you love doing and can see yourself down the road doing it for the rest of your life.
After UMD: Taking the world by storm!

Posts Brian has written:

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