Cameron F14
Hi! My name is Cameron and I am a former Peer Educator in Career & Internship Services. I recently graduated from UMD with a Mechanical Engineering major and French minor. In case you wanted to know more about me, I love going out to eat in downtown Duluth! If I were to pick the perfect day, I would go out to eat for every meal. Breakfast at Uncle Louie’s, lunch at Clyde Iron Works, and dinner at Blackwoods! My favorite part about living in Duluth is the scenery. Walking along the lake and traveling up north are always breathtaking experiences. Like most college students I spend most of my free time catching up on sleep, but I also read when I get a chance. My favorite book of all time is Replay, by Ken Grimwood. It is a really easy read that provokes a lot of mind boggling questions. I highly recommend it!

Simple Advice

I’m really excited to share all my past, current, and future career experiences with other students, because I know following your chosen career path can be difficult. The best career advice I have ever received was to look your employer in the eye and smile. It seems like a no-brainer, but no matter what your qualifications are, a positive demeanor can work wonders. Smiling will improve confidence, reduce tension, and improve the employer’s perception of you. I’m not saying it will guarantee you the job, but it’s worth a shot!

From One Student to Another

The best piece of advice I can give a student is to get involved! Personally, I have entered a career path in which I have little to no experience. I am a Mechanical Engineering major, yet I have never tinkered with cars, worked in my dad’s workshop, or even fixed my own bike. Even with my lack of experience, there is good news. Many colleges, including UMD, offer a variety of clubs that apply to different majors. These clubs are usually open to anyone and provide a free experience that will prepare you for an upcoming internship or job opportunity. Grades are important, and experience is invaluable. Take advantage of these free opportunities early and your college career will be much more pleasant down the road.

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