Gao headshot

Name: Gao
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Major(s): Exercise Science and Communication Sciences and Disorders
Minor(s): Early Childhood Studies
Year in school: 3rd
Worked at UMD Career & Internship Services: September 2019 – December 2019
Favorite place in Duluth: Enger Park
Favorite hobby: Reading horror/thriller books and watching documentaries. 

Best career advice I’ve received: 
The best career advice I have been given is simply to invest. Invest your time and energy in researching and understanding what you want to do for the rest of your life. You have so much time and ability to do whatever comes your way, make use of the resources and support systems at your hand. Sometimes you will have to fight for the things that you want, but you may not know where to go or how to do it, so take the time to find where your foundation is and invest in that firm structure to build for your future goals and careers. Apply for that internship, scholarship, part-time job, and continuously seek what you have been looking for. 

Piece of career advice you have for other students:
ASK QUESTIONS! When you are stuck or don’t know where to go, how to fix a problem, or how to make it to your next goal, ask! Don’t let the problem simmer or your foundation crumble. You are in school, you have the opportunity to learn more about what your future might hold, so utilize the people and the resources that are there for you. Especially in college. Students pay thousands of dollars to go to college, USE IT. You pay for these resources and supplemental aspects of success, don’t forget about those little things. As much as the “big things” are important, so are the little steps in stepping towards your bigger goals. 

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