Reviewing the Year to Move Forward

By: Brian

As the year starts to wind down to a close, it’s a good time to reflect back on our college career. Whether it was good or bad, there is something that we can all reflect on. Going to cultural events on campus, moving on campus for the first time, joining intramural sports, preparing for graduation, or just deciding on a major. We all can relate to these things in some sort of way. I’m here to talk about the things we should reflect on and take with us as we move on in college life.


As freshmen this is a time to reflect back on your first year of college. Moving away from home for the first time, making new friends, and becoming a young adult, it’s a time to find out who you truly are. Coming into college you might not know what you want to do and that’s okay going into the next year. So look back at your liberal education classes that you took and see which ones you enjoyed the most that you can you see yourself doing in the near future. Based on that only you can decide on a major, but if you are still undecided that’s fine as well. Also reflect back on the clubs that you have joined. When I was a freshman I joined many clubs because I thought even though I came here for school I also wanted to have a social life. So I reflected back at the clubs that I wanted to be involved with and narrowed it down to the ones I really wanted to be in. Going into next year you should plan what you want to do and the clubs and organizations that you want to join for the upcoming year. Take the experiences you have learned from freshman year and apply them in your sophomore year and so on.


As sophomores you should have an idea of what you want to do, and by now have decided on a major. If you are still having trouble you can stop in Career & Internship Services office and take one of our many assessments to learn about your options or to see if the major you did choose was the right decision. Also, it’s a time to update your resume. You may not have a lot on there but it’s never a bad time to update your resume. During the summer our office is open 8:00am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday, where you can set up a one on one meeting with a counselor to go over your resume. This is also a time to reflect on your networking skills. As sophomores you want to network with as many people as possible  to learn about different career paths and possible internships that can lead to jobs after graduation. This is also a great time to think about study abroad. They say the best time to study aboard is between sophomore and junior year. I wish I had the opportunity to study aboard in my college career because I know I missed out on a great opportunity. You can visit the International Education Office for more info about study aboard.


As you enter your junior year you may want to reflect on the possibility of getting an internship within your major. Summer internships may be the best after completing your junior year because you will have had more time to gain experience in the classes in your major. You can take your experiences and use them as you enter your senior year. It’s time to reflect on graduate or professional school if you do consider pursing your education beyond your undergrad. Start thinking about schools you think may fit for you and start retaining or building up your GPA.


This is probably the most difficult stage to reflect on which is your senior year. You can go on and on about the experiences you have had over the years but your senior year is probably the most important one to reflect upon. This is time where you decided what to do after you graduate. Some may be coming back for a 5th year and that is okay, it gives you more time to decide what you want to do after graduation. As seniors, this is the time where you should have your job, or job search process, lined up or graduate school picked out. This can be a difficult time for some because not everyone has something lined up or just clearly don’t know what to do after graduation. Visit as many job fairs and info sessions about grad schools as you can. You don’t want to wait until the last moment and realize you don’t have a plan. If you know where you’re going and what you’re doing, make sure to fill out our Graduate Follow-up Survey! Make sure all finances are paid off to school, you have completed all the coursework for your major and there are no holds on your record. Walking across the stage and receiving that diploma is a huge step to entering the real world. Four years will have come and gone before you know it. So enjoy and cherish all the moments and reflect on the many good and bad times (more good) that you have had in college, because then you will realize it’s four of the best years of your lifetime.

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Marketing as a Major

By: Brian

Many people come into college not knowing what to major in. There are so many different major/minors to choose from that you can get so overwhelmed and can’t decide what to do.  Being a marketing major requires you to have good people skills. You are dealing with people every day and it requires you to talk, network, and, at times, be aggressive. If these skills fit you, then the marketing major might be the right major for you. Marketing is one of the most popular majors in UMD’s Labovitz School of Business & Economics, because with a marketing degree you can use the skills you’ve learned in the major in just about any job. I will try my best to convince you why marketing is a good choice for a major.

Marketing Major


Before you decide if you want marketing as your major, you have to ask yourself, what is marketing? I too had this question when I was deciding on which major I wanted to seek in college. Marketing is about understanding consumers’ behaviors and their needs, while being the eyes and ears of the organization. To elaborate on that more, marketers do a lot of research and implement strategies for the product they are trying to market whether it’s by pricing, development and management, distribution, or promotions. This is just a broad overview of what marketing is, but a lot of people have their own definition of what it means. Marketing deals with people every single day of the week no matter what route you decide to take with your marketing degree. Other marketing degrees you can pursue at UMD are Marketing Analytics or Marketing and Graphic Design.


The first thing you need in order to be a good marketer is great public speaking skills. You have to be brave and willing to become a social butterfly in order to be a good marketer. Many people believe that marketing is a very aggressive career and if you don’t know how to talk to people, then you will be railroaded right out of that career. After being in the major now for four years, I have found that to be false. I think it depends on what path you want to take with your marketing skills, and it does not always have to be in the business world. As a marketing major, I decided to choose a different career path and take my marketing skills into College Student Affairs. I am now working as an Outreach Assistant for the Career & Internships Services office. Some other basic skills to keep in mind for being a good marketer are writing skills, leadership, curiosity, agility and experimentation, understanding technology, and insight into analytics and interpreting data.


There are many simple steps in seeking a marketing degree at UMD. As a senior right now, I can tell you some of the courses you will need to graduate with a marketing degree. All marketing majors are required to take Consumer Behavior, Marketing Research, and Marketing Management and Strategy. In order to take these classes, you need to complete your pre-business classes that help shape the skills you need to start seeking a marketing degree. The core classes for marketing are broken into two categories. Group A are the courses I mentioned already in this section. Group B is a little bit different. In Group B, there are 11 different courses listed, but the cool part is that from the 11, you choose four of the courses that you want to take. I really like this because you can choose a focus area of marketing you really want to study.

Courses needed to complete a marketing major:

  • LSBE Core: Production and Operations Management; Corporation Finance; Organizational Management and Behavior; Principles of Marketing; Human Resource Management; Strategic Management; Advanced Writing; International Requirement (choose any upper division international course); Upper Division Economics Course

More courses related to major:

  • Group A: Marketing Research, Consumer Behavior, Marketing Management and Strategy
  • Group B (choose any 4): Fundamentals of Selling; Marketing Ethics; International Marketing; Marketing Internship; Business-to-Business Marketing; Adverting and Marketing Communications; Developing and Marketing New Products; Retailing; Special Topics (such as Social Media or Sports Marketing)

In addition to these courses, you will also need to complete additional electives outside of your marketing major. These courses help you become a well-rounded person, in addition to your major. If you are still not sure if marketing is for you, these courses can help you explore other options.

I hope that I convinced you on choosing marketing as a major and gave you a little bit more understanding of what marketing is. Hope you continue to explore more opportunities on choosing the right career path for you.

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3 Useful Tips for Over Spring Break

By: Brian

Update Resume

It is important to update your resume on a regular basis.  When you have some down time during the week long break, you should add things to your resume since your last update (internships, awards, other employment, contact info, etc).  Not being up to par with your resume can lead to lots of stress when you are actually trying to do a resume in the near future. The end of the school year will come faster than you expect, so it is important to update your resume often so that you can be ahead of the game and have a strong resume leading towards the end of the year.

Brush up on Interview Skills

Interviews can either make or break you when applying for a job.  A lot of people don’t know the proper interview etiquette skills and then come to job interviews unprepared.  Take time out of your busy schedule to brush up on these skills.  Have a mock interview with your friends or a family member and ask for feedback and how you can improve.  Take a Strengths assessment so when the question comes up asking you about your strengths, you are not stumbling around trying to find the answer.  Also show up 15 minutes early to gather yourself.  It’s better to be early rather than late.  Make sure you research the company you applied to so you have an upper hand during the interview process.  Ask questions after the interview so it shows that you have an interest in the company you applied for.

Interview Meme

Gain Networking Skills

Networking skills are also a key component when looking for a job.  The more people you know the better.  Networking doesn’t really have to be someone who works in a certain job setting, it could be people from different campus organizations you’ve joined, professors, or even your advisors.  Over break you can search for groups on-campus that you find interesting.  Joining groups or even volunteering can really help build your resume and employers really take that into consideration when applying for a job.  A lot of employers want to see what you have done outside your school work and other jobs that make you qualify for the position you applied for.  Go out and meet new people to build relationships and great network connections that can last beyond your school years and into your career.

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Meet Brian

BrianNAME:  Brian

MAJOR: Marketing

YEAR: Senior

Length and Time worked at UMD Career & Internship Services: I worked here for about 2 months.

Favorite Place in Duluth: I have so many different places I love in Duluth, but my really favorite place in Duluth is the end of the Lakewalk in Canal Park.  I especially love it during the summer because of the nice breeze and looking over into Wisconsin.

Favorite musical artist: I would have to say Beyonce for anyone who knows me know that I am obsessed with her but I do like other genres of music too.

Best Career Advice I received: The best career advice I received was from my grandma which was quitting is not an option go for what you’re passionate about it and stick with it.

Best Career Advice: My career advice would be to find a job that you love not just for the money.  You never want to have a job for which you are only in it for the money because you will not be passionate about would you do. Pick a job/career that you love doing and can see yourself down the road doing it for the rest of your life.