Professional Clothes on a Budget

By: McKenzie

Shopping for professional attire can be daunting when you can count how much money is in your bank account using the digits on your hands. When it comes to being job fair season it can become an even bigger stress because this is your first impression to your prospective employers. Luckily there is a cheaper way to find clothing.

Professional Dress on a Budget

Champ’s Closet
Champ’s Closet is for UMD students who need professional clothing. It was created so students in any situation could have access to clothing for jobs and internships. Students are able to make up to one outfit per semester from clothing donated by staff/faculty, maurices, and Main Stream Fashions for Men.

Thrift Stores
Duluth houses many thrift stores such as Goodwill and Savers. These stores provide shoppers with gently used clothing, which was donated by those who no longer had a need for it. Stores like these often feel like you are digging through piles, however, it is like a mini treasure hunt. You never know what you will find.

Consignment Shops
Consignment shops are a great place to get clothing. Shops like these tend to be for those who are either very fashionable or have a unique taste. While some shops can be expensive there are still plenty of them that are affordable. Be sure to not disregard the more expensive ones right away either. There can be hidden gems (especially in the clearance sections).

Secondhand Shops
Secondhand shops like Plato’s Closet are a bit different from thrift stores because instead of donations people sell their clothes to these shops. If you are short on money it might be a good idea to sell your clothing here. Secondhand shops also only accept brand name clothing so if you are stuck on a certain brand then this is your best bet.

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Landed a Job, Now What?

By: Andrew

As the semester winds down, and for some us our college careers, we are all searching for a great post-graduation job, internship, college to continue our education at, or start our professional career. On the other hand, there are students who are fortunate enough to have found a position that suits their needs following graduation. For this blog post, I will be gearing my thoughts towards the students who know what the next phase of their life holds and what might still be on that to-do list before graduation.

To-List for After Graduation

A place to live seems like a good starting point when talking about post-graduation plans. Some of us will be living at home (me) for a little while, some of us will be staying where we already are in Duluth, and some will be moving into an apartment or house within a commutable distance to our new job. Of all things, this should probably be priority number one on your list of things to do. In addition, do not just think about a place to live, but think about whom to live with. Make sure whomever you choose to live with is going to be someone you get along with. That sounds simple, but the last thing you want or need is another reason to stress while trying to get acclimated to your new job and surroundings. The living situation brings me to my next point, which could realistically be just as important as this one.

Budgeting is a great way to make sure that we have money when we need it (duh, Andrew). In saying that, most of us do not budget and if we do (guilty as charged), we do not follow it. There are many things to think about when it comes to budgeting and it can be as simple as knowing what money you have to work with each week or it can be as complex as having escrow accounts and a categorized area for all of your spending. A budget does not have to be a big production, but it is important to think more forward looking now that we are graduating and may have a car, house, and kids in the next five to ten years. Yeah, I said it, kids. Sorry if that was a bit much for some of you to handle, my apologies. Anyways, a budget is something that is certainly important to be thinking about when you start bringing in a steady income a month or two from now.

Putting your best foot forward at you new job could be the biggest favor you do yourself coming out of college. Again, this seems extremely obvious, but it is worth noting because there will be plenty of things on your mind while making the transition from college student to full-time employee, intern, or grad student. The first impressions we make reflect on ourselves, the four years of schooling, and the college we came from (the best one a person can find). This also starts setting the stage for your future promotions, jobs, opportunities, and whatever you can imagine a good impression can do for you. It will be important to always leave behind your personal issues when coming into work and to then focus on the task at hand at work.

We will all take our college degrees and do something great. I do not doubt that for a second because we are all Bulldogs; the hardest working students around who know how to find and take on opportunity. I am excited to see what my future holds and what all of my peers’ futures hold. Good luck to everyone graduating and have a good last few weeks of college!

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