Insider’s Look at Working on a Campaign

By: Willow

I’ve been working on a campaign, all the live long day. I’ve been working on a campaign just to pass the time away… This is a summary of my life, enjoy.

What do you do?

My official title is iVote State Director. iVote is a political interest group (PAC) dedicated to electing Democratic Secretaries of State in swing states. I really have fallen in love with this organization and its goals. I love working for people who are at risk of having their voices taken away. Of course I wish there was no such risk, but at least I know I’m on the right side of the fight.

So what do you, like, do?

I work in what’s called “field”. Field is anything that has to do with voter contact. I do a lot of calling people, knocking on doors, planning events, recruiting volunteers, and writing postcards. I love it. The people you meet and the connections you make while working in field are fascinating. I’ve met people as big time as the Governor of Maryland and as small town as a woman who had a crush on my grandfather in high school. There is never a dull day.

Ok, do you have an apartment?

Nope! I live with a wonderful host family. It’s called supporter housing. Supporters with extra room let a campaign worker live for free with them to help out the cause. I was a little worried at first living with strangers, and I am so lucky to say I now have a second family.

Do you get paid?


Do you like it?

Absolutely. Taking a semester off has helped me find a passion. I love campaigning. I don’t always plan to work for a candidate but there are many ways I can continue campaigning. Nonprofits, PACs, and ballot initiatives are all options. Tons of things need campaigning.

To wrap this Q and A up, I just want to say one thing. School is important, but there is nothing wrong with taking time off. I have had such a great time and learned so much this fall, I wouldn’t trade my experiences this semester for the world. A lot has changed in my life since August 15th, and I really think I have changed for the better. I am excited to come back to school and so sad to see this job end.

Do what you love, take chances, introduce yourself to senators, go trick or treating with your boss’s kids, do cartwheels in your office, laugh a lot, question social norms, find a cause to be passionate about, and change the freaking world.

I’m Willow, and I approve this message.

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