Developing Your Online Presence

By: Megan

We all have a presence online. Whether you made an account to comment on an article one time or you are constantly posting on every site you have, you’re visible. Employers know that, so the problem then becomes what they see. Having an active online presence can help or hurt you in so many ways. Here are a couple of tricks for 3 of the sites that tend to trip people up.

Developing Online Presence


Privacy settings are always changing, so it’s important to check back in. They occasionally send out emails to let you know: read those. You’re probably already censoring what you put on Facebook for your family, but remember that what your friends post can be seen too. Set it so you have to approve tags, that way pictures that may be interpreted the wrong way don’t get to see the light of day-at least attached to your name. Your privacy settings should enable you to block an employer from seeing what’s here, but remember: this is still public.


Twitter is a quick way to connect with people. Say what you want, and be done with it. But in being short and sweet, you have to remember that gets lost quickly. With Twitter, you have to be constantly updating, replying, retweeting, and commenting. Set your accounts on news sites to tweet when you comment (and then make sure you comment what you want seen).

On Twitter, you can get quick updates on anything. This is an awesome place to make your voice heard. You can talk about your causes or what really makes you you. Connect with people in your field, or from your school. This is a great way to get some superficial connections to role models. Once you’ve gotten there, you can find them on another site.


This is like the professional Facebook. You get to write everything you wanted to about every position you’ve ever held, and people can look through it at their leisure. The groups are a good place to talk to people about topics you’d like to know more about, or just to expand your ideas. Remember, employers can definitely see this. This is a place to put your best foot foreword. If Facebook is a day out with friends, LinkedIn is a suit and tie. We’ve written quite a bit about LinkedIn, go take a look! You can also stop in to our LinkedIn Drop-ins Thursdays from 2-4pm to get some help.

Final tips for being online:

  • Know your audience (and your privacy settings).
  • Be active! Don’t let your account go dormant forever. That’ll undo all your work.
  • Remember: this is print. It doesn’t go away.

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