Career Humor

By: Annie

It’s finally Friday, one of only four left this year! Projects, papers, and presentations are due soon (if not already), finals are around the corner, and it keeps snowing. Whether you are about to graduate or have another few years, career/internship/summer job hunts are in full force for many of us. Just writing this is stressing me out a little more. Earlier in the week, I was contemplating what to write about for this post. I considered reviewing an article on how to avoid wasting time, but never found the time to read it…

With all the stress, deadlines, and things to remember as it is, and it being a Friday, I decided to keep things light and share some career-related humor:


Resume Tattoo

Resume Building

Creative upselling

Eye contact

Google things

lazy candidate

Own Career

Finals facebook

Some YouTube Videos:

The Office – “Texting Resume”

“The Origin of Job Interviews”

Hope these made you laugh. Enjoy the weekend everybody!

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