Job Search Tips – Part 2

By: Ellen (Career Counselor & guest blogger)

Here’s part two of the job search tips we sent out during the summer on our Twitter account. I should explain this briefly. We frequently send out job search related content on our Twitter account. This was a concentrated effort (with a hashtag & everything) to share a #JobSearchTip every day that we were sending out content on Twitter. If you haven’t checked out part 1 yet, do so.

Job Search Tips

I thought it would be helpful to have all those tips in one (or two) places. Today, I’m sharing all of the job search tips that we tweeted out during July. Even if it’s not July, these tips can be helpful for whenever you’re conducting a job search.

Bullet Journal Job Search Habit Tracker

There you have it. So many job search tips in one place. Go forth and conquer the job search process!

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Job Search Tips – Part 1

By: Ellen (Career Counselor & guest blogger)

This summer we sent out job search tips during June and July on our Twitter account. I should explain this briefly. We frequently send out job search related content on our Twitter account. This was a concentrated effort (with a hashtag & everything) to share a #JobSearchTip every day that we were sending out content on Twitter.

Now that summer is winding down, I thought it would be helpful to have all those tips in one (or two) places. Today, I’m sharing all of the job search tips that we tweeted out during June. Even if it’s not June, these tips can be helpful for whenever you’re conducting a job search.

Job Search Tips
  • Set up job search alerts on the different job search sites you’re using.
  • Don’t job search from your couch. Go somewhere. Treat searching for a job, like a job.
  • Use GoldPASS as part of your search strategy – all you need is your UMD login info.
  • Do different job search related tasks throughout the day. Don’t spend all your time just surfing 1 job search site.
  • Research different career paths that go with your degree. This could introduce pathways you haven’t considered yet.
  • When applying for out-of-state jobs, make a point to include on your resume and/or cover letter your reasoning or plans to relocate.
  • Use social media to your advantage in your job search.
  • Attend local networking events and/or join young professionals groups. Meet the people instead of always being a number in the online system.
  • When you have an interview ALWAYS bring a printed copy of your resume for your interviewer.
  • Follow companies you’re interested in, on social media. See how they interact with customers.
  • Use the skills listed in the “qualifications” section of a job posting to help you figure out what to highlight on your resume.
  • Applying for jobs and getting no response? Your application materials potentially could use some work.
  • Google job search tips & tricks to guarantee better results. Via: YouTern
  • Have a disability you’re not quite sure if, how, or when you want to disclose it in the search process? Tips: on our blog.
  • Check out our Ace the Job Search Pinterest board for numerous articles/resources to help w/your search.
Ace the Job Search Pinterest board screenshot

Check out Job Search Tips – Part 2

As Summer Comes to an End

Summer is just about over. In fact, the freshman class moved onto campus yesterday. Here at Career & Internship Services, we want you to be as prepared as possible when it comes to tackling the next school year.

Start To-do list

Here are a few things to think about and/or do:

Update your resume. Add your internship, study abroad, or summer job. Strengthen your descriptions for the positions you already had listed on your resume. Need help finding room on your already packed resume? Resume drop-ins will start the week of August 31st. Formal resume drop-in sessions happen every Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon (2-4pm in SCC 22) while classes are in session. A little known secret is that you can stop by anytime we’re open (M-F, 8-4:30pm) to have a trained Peer Educator take a look at your resume.

Plan out your “extra stuff” for the upcoming year. Work on building your resume. Get involved in a student organization. If you’re already a student org or two, up your level of involvement (help plan events, run for an exec board position, etc.). Find an internship, research opportunity, or volunteer position. These all look great on a resume and help you in figuring out what life after graduation might look like.

If you’re graduating in May, start laying the groundwork now. Figure out what you want your next step to be. You don’t have to have your whole life figured out. Just work towards the next step. We can help you put together a job search plan or apply to grad school. Take a look at our “By Major” reports to see what recent UMD grads with your major have done 6-12 months after graduation. Other resources to help you: events schedule; Pinterest boards with articles; grad school exploration; GoldPASS (the job & internship board for all U of MN students); Twitter (@umdcareers) for office happenings, events, opportunities, and more; LinkedIn group to connect with peers, UMD staff & faculty, alumni, and employers; and our website.

Ultimately, we want you to have a great school year. Embrace your future with confidence.

Photo: Unsplash | Blake Richard Verdoorn

Other Career Blogs to Check Out

By: Ashley

Hey fellow blog followers! Can you believe that in less than a month it will be summer vacation! Many of you are graduating, others are looking into what they want to do after graduation (possibly grad school), some may be alumni, and others may be trying to find an internship. Well I have done a little research and found a few career blogs that I think everyone of you may find useful. Each is full of posts written by their experienced and knowledgeable staff. The four career sites that I found most interesting and useful were:

  1. Big Interview –
  2. Career Rocketeer –
  3. Brazen Careerist –
  4. YouTern – TheSavvyIntern –

Big Interview

Big Interview is a website that aims to help people gain the knowledge and skill to get the job by acing the interview. The site was developed with the help of Pamela Skillings, a top interview coach and features a blog specializes on tips about interviewing but also talks about resumes, cover letters, networking, follow ups, and job offers. Many of the posts on this site that I found the most helpful were the ones about how to answer those difficult interview questions as well as how to handle a panel interview versus a group interview.

Career Rocketeer

Career Rocketeer was founded by Chris Perry, a brand and marketing generator. The site is a career search and personal branding blog that aims to help those who are driven to “launch” their career. There are many great posts written by their experts who really explain what personal branding is, and how to manage it. There are posts on things other than personal branding, such as social media, networking, career management, and they have an “everything else” category that has a hodge-podge of interesting information.

Brazen Careerist

The Brazen Careerist is a site that is all about engagement, and their blog has some very interesting posts that range in information about job searching, social media, on the job advice, entrepreneurship, general college posts, and career growth. They have written about everything from negotiating salaries, asking for a raise, the importance of your GPA after graduation, managing student credit cards, and using transferable skills. Anything that you might want to know, or have a question about I am willing to bet has been written about by them.

YouTern – TheSavvyIntern

YouTern aims to help young people become employable and helps to connect them to internship opportunities while also offering contemporary career advice through their blog TheSavvyIntern. On their blog they offer tons of fresh tips to find an internship and how to handle life after graduation. There are usually tons of great posts that use infographics to get their point across. Because really, who doesn’t love a great infographic about what to wear to an interview, or how to clean up your digital image? There are posts about how to build a successful and appealing resume, career advice from recent graduates, and what to know and how to handle recruiters when looking for a job and while networking.

These of course are just 4 career websites that I came across that I have found to be really helpful. I suggest that when you are feeling unsure, have questions, and are even a little bored to just browse through these sites and I am willing to bet you will find some cool information you didn’t think you would find on the internet. Of course I forgot to mention one blog that all of you should read and tell your friends to read and that is our blog, where you can find posts on all the topics listed above and many more that your very own peers here at UMD have written. As always don’t hesitate to come on in to our office (SCC 22) if you have any questions!

You can also check out our “Fun Reads” page for more career blogs to read.

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New Pinterest Boards

We recently completed a revamp of our Pinterest boards. They more organized and easier to navigate. Our Pinterest boards hold links to great career-related material from around the interwebs. We highly recommend that you check the boards out, repin content, like pins, and follow us.

Here are our brand new boards:

Revamped boards:

Boards that have been around for awhile and are still awesome:

We’ve been on Spring Break all week, so we’ll be back in action next week with all new posts!

Career Resources for Veterans

By: Ashley

Today’s blog post is a special one; in this post I am going to highlight some key resources we have available for veterans at Career & Internship Services, and some helpful general tips for veterans. Here at our office we are so grateful for what our veterans have done and what our soldiers are currently doing. We are so glad that we can in turn provide you all with career assistance when you need it. In this post I am going to touch on helpful resume tips for vets, some helpful sites that I have found that help veterans find employment, and a few key points from my fellow blogger Taylor’s post from last year.

Resources for Vets

I recently read through an article by Luke Roney about resume tips for vets and it had some very helpful tips. Some key things to keep in mind when constructing a resume is to remember that you want the employer to understand what your qualifications and skills are so keep it easy to read and remove any military “jargon” because chances are your interviewer/future employer isn’t going to understand it. You are also going to want to not just include your hard skills, but your soft skills as well. As valuable as being able to speak another language is, being able to work as a team and communicate with others are skills that are just as important. Roney also suggested making your resume relevant to the position you are seeking, so don’t use the same generic resume for all positions. Roney also said to build your resume to include all the necessary information as well as to construct a cover letter.

Some other sites that I found helpful are highlighted in 6 Online Resources for Veterans Seeking Jobs, an article by Sharlyn Lauby, which she also gives a rundown of the key features of each of these websites.

Last year a post was written by Taylor and she mentioned some very key things that we do ourselves for veterans right in our office. These things include career assessments that can help you discover your passion and combined with an interpretation with one of our career counselors, can help put you onto a path towards achieving a job that you are passionate about. Taylor also mentioned networking and what she said is true, we can help prepare you for job fairs, and even put you in contact with people in our very own network of employers.

So please feel free to stop on in to Career & Internship Services which is located in Solon Campus Center 22 and we will help you in all stages of your journey towards finding that career you are passionate about. We can help you chart your journey and get you on your way towards achieving your goals.

Other Helpful Resources:

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Practice Makes Perfect

By: Ashley

Are you one of those people who practices in front of a mirror before an interview? Don’t you wish you had someone else around to ask the questions? Or ever just wish you could rewind and watch yourself in action? Well with Interview Stream all this is possible. Interview Stream is a website where, with the use of your webcam, you can be interviewed and then play it back over and over again and critique yourself. Interview Stream has many cool features, including:

  • You can do a practice interview wherever and whenever you want
  • Not only can you watch your interview but you can share it with others and get their opinions
  • Expert interviewing advice is available on demand by two best-selling interview experts
  • You can choose from 6,000 questions or use pre-defined question sets

I think my favorite part about Interview Stream is that it’s really easy to use and I can go at my own pace. It can give a sort of peace of mind knowing that you got some practice in before the real thing. On the Interview Stream website they have the question “Would you hire you?” on their home page and I think that is a very good question to ask oneself. I mean if you do a mock interview and then review it and realize you made a bunch of mistakes you can save yourself from making those mistakes during a real interview. If you wouldn’t hire yourself based on that interview, what makes you think they would want to hire you?

If you’re anything like I was before I tried this website you may be asking yourself if using this website is worth it or even helpful. What I would say to you is, yes it is worth it and yes it is very helpful. Of course, I wouldn’t expect you to take my word for it, I did a little research and Interview Stream has had itself a little taste of the spotlight. Not only has Interview Stream been mentioned in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, and been given a Webby award, an international award given to websites for excellence on the internet, but it also was honored with the Silver W3 Award for outstanding achievements on an employment website in 2010.

Of course, if this doesn’t impress you, you can always go to the website and read or even watch testimonials from real people who have used, promote, and love Interview Stream. Overall I myself love the website because it’s not only easy and free like I said before but honestly, it’s fun, it’s so much fun to do an interview and then watch myself being all serious and professional, and it gives the interviewing process a more laid back feel. I give you my word that if you try Interview Stream just once, you will use it again and again, especially if you’re graduating soon and are getting interviews with potential employers. I believe the old saying practice makes perfect is appropriate.

*Disclaimer* Interview Stream is a service that the UMD Career & Internship Services office subscribes to for use by UMD students. If you’re not a UMD student and are interested in using Interview Stream check with the Career Services office on your campus.

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