Navigating Human Resources: Part 2

By: Tori (an HR major!)

“Human Resources isn’t a thing we do. It’s the thing that runs our business.”

If you read my previous blog post, you are well aware that human resources is what brings business and people together. But how do you know if this is a good career for you?

Back in the day (just a mere two years ago), I came into the Career & Internship Services office to take the Strong Interest Inventory assessment, which helps determine what occupations may be best for you based off of your interests. Human Resource Management (HRM) was in my top ten and it was during this time I began taking the possibility of majoring in Human Resource Management seriously. Fast forward to a few months ago, when I took the StrengthsQuest assessment to figure out what qualities I naturally excel in and can use to market myself. This is when I began seeing HRM in who I was and who I wanted to be.


Below are my top 5 strengths and how they relate to Human Resources:

My top strength is woo. This comes from my love of meeting new people and winning them over. I enjoy breaking the ice and making a connection with other people. While this has always been something that came naturally to me, I didn’t realize how much woo plays into the role of recruiter. One of my career goals after graduation is to become a company recruiter through which I can connect with college students, win them over for my company, and help them reach their goals.

My second strength is positivity. Those with positivity tend to have an enthusiasm that is contagious; they are upbeat and can get others excited about what they are going to do. My other area of interest in HR is training and development. If I want to get people on board with spending days, weeks, or months learning new skills and making new goals, I need to have a positive attitude and make it a fun experience for everyone.

My third strength is empathy, meaning I can sense the feelings of other people by imagining myself in their situation. Empathy is an important strength to have if you are going to be working with a diverse group of people. Through empathy, I can connect, relate, and understand others’ situations as their manager. Being able to put myself in the starting place of another person and work with them toward the next step is a valuable tool to have.

My fourth strength is includer. Someone who is an includer shows awareness of those who may feel left out and makes an effort to include them and accept them. Part of human resources is solidifying culture within a company. What do employees want? What makes them feel valued? How can we accomplish our goals and still provide a friendly, encouraging work environment? My strength of includer helps me value and view company culture on a different level than most and provides opportunities for me as a human resource manager.

My fifth strength is developer. As a developer, I recognize and cultivate the potential in others, and as a manager, I lead and navigate a group of people. Putting others in positions that empower them and make the business run smoothly is part of not only a manager’s job but also human resources. This strength helps me lead others into roles and opportunities they desire.

Come into the office and learn your strengths! Like me, they may help you visualize your future career and find what areas you can excel in!

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What is Woo?

By: Glen

Have you ever met a person who seems to know everyone? A person who, despite the many demands of life, always has time to talk to people? Does this describe you? These traits are the Woo in a person. The first sentence in the description of Woo in StrengthsQuest states, “Woo stands for winning people over.”

“That sounds like a politician,” is a common response to this description. Well, yes, in a way, that is a valid point. Woo is definitely a skill that politicians can find valuable. Let’s back up a few steps. Woo is not just politics. It is a life skill that can be a difference maker in your career life.

Why Woo?

If we are to take an objective standpoint while we look at the job market, one reality must be faced. The world is not an equal opportunity provider. When an employer says they are an equal opportunity provider, the employer is making a statement that has a legal definition. To be succinct, life is not fair to everyone. Luckily, there are methods one can use to stand out above the crowd, and have better chances for success. This is where Woo comes in handy.

“It is all about who you know.” This is a statement that is repeated throughout the Theatre Department at the University of Minnesota Duluth. I can attest to the truth of that statement. Thus far, I have been involved in two productions as a stage manager in the department. Both positions were handed to me, because I was good friends with people holding higher positions. I did not apply. There was no interview. I had no special skills.

Will you Woo?

The real world may not be as exaggerated as the theatre world, but it makes for a good example. Networking with people is important for any career. Making yourself known by people as a genuine person can create a willingness to help you. From a logical standpoint, more connections means more chances that someone can help you in some way. It is a brilliantly simple way to create opportunity. Life is a fickle thing; you never know when it will take you to wonderful new horizons. With Woo, you can increase the odds that opportunity will come you way.

So, will you Woo?

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A Strength to WOO

By: Abby  [Futuristic|Woo|Communication|Responsibility|Relator]

This week, our CliftonStrengths for Students theme is: WOO.


Not that WOO…

This strength theme is the one I get the most questions on. People never know what it stands for. Well, I am here to tell you! Winning Others Over.

CliftonStrengths for Students defines WOO as:

People strong in the Woo theme love the challenge of meeting new people and winning them over. They derive satisfaction from breaking the ice and making a connection with another person.

List of strengths with WOO in green

WOO is my second strength, following Futuristic. I am an extrovert (this is a common theme for extroverts). I enjoy going to functions where I know I’ll have the opportunity to meet lots of people. It is fun for me to meet people and get to know who they are and explain who I am. I like making connections with people and I love fostering those on LinkedIn (see Zach’s post on LinkedIn).

I find importance in perception and always communicating my best self to people. It is said that a person with WOO, “can enter a crowd and know exactly what to do and when to do it.” I understand how to communicate with groups and people individually (my third strength is communication). WOOs are often leaders (I have lead and do lead many student organizations and teams). WOOs are said to be charming. Winning people over and making connections are really thrilling to me. I love networking, and I feel that is attributed to this strength.

WOO is a great theme (I might be biased) and if you have it, here are some things to consider:

  • Join clubs!
  • Get involved with class participation
  • Visit teachers during office hours to create relationships
  • Network with many professionals
  • Consider being an entertainer, a sales rep, an attorney, or a public relations professional

One final thought:

WOO’s don’t see strangers… Just friends they haven’t met yet. So drop a comment and say hello, friend!

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